Who Should Pay On A First Date?

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Should it be the man?

Should they split?

Who should pay on a first date?

This is one worldwide debate that will not be coming to an end anytime soon. Did you notice we didn’t even ask, should it be the woman? This is one scenario we haven’t come across.

Our previous post where we shared insights on ‘What Do Women Want?’ led us to take you behind the scenes and share our insights on ‘who should pay the bill?’

Here’s a typical female scenario:

A lady signs up on Datespace, requests a match and one of the top questions we get soon after is, ‘So who pays for the date?’

We have come to realize that there’s only one acceptable answer to that question. Women generally want a man to pay on a first date, no questions asked, there shouldn’t even be any other alternatives; He wants to split the bill? Is everything all right? Why? Their enthusiasm for the date drops visibly. If she’s particularly interested in the date, it wouldn’t change anything, she’ll agree to split but it’s usually a turn-off, we could almost swear we hear the screeching brakes in their heads and the unspoken thoughts, ‘This one is just a broke-ass’.

However, for a few women, their default mode is to go dutch, they are pleasantly surprised when we let them know their date wants to foot the bill.

Here’s a typical male scenario:

A young man signs up on Datespace, requests a match and barely does the conversation ever get round to, ‘So, who pays for the date?’. It is almost a given for them that they foot the bill. Date budget is a sensitive but important conversation to have to help set financial limits and general expectations for the date and we help our clients have that conversation. When we ask the men what their budget for the date is, it is interesting to note that 9 out of 10 men allocate the bigger portion of their total budget to their date. In a few instances, some men have even said they had an open budget. In fact, this response from a particular young man who is in the 28–30 age range particularly stood out for us — “Ermmm, I don’t know [what my budget is]…it’s unlimited, let her just be drop-dead gorgeous.”

For a few men though, no questions asked, this is 2019, the bill should be split both ways, shebi they want equality, this is it right here!

Is it outdated for a man to pay on a first date?

If a woman offered to pay on a first date, as a man, would you let her?

What do you think about splitting the bill?

Does it matter who pays on a first date?

We’d like to know what you think in the comments!

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