5 mistakes people make on the first date

Couple on first date

Have you ever been on a perfect first date, had fun but the relationship never took off? It can be super frustrating. I mean, you did all the right things. You freshened up, practiced your pick-up lines, did your hair and even got new shoes. You started dreaming of a fulfilling romantic life, 2 kids and trips to Santorini. And then, they ghost on you!

First dates can be tricky because we all want to get a feel of our potential partners while showing our best side at the same time. This delicate balance can be a source of anxiety for lots of people as the pressure can be tremendous. However, there are a couple of ground rules one can follow to make a first date pleasant for all parties.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into the 5 mistakes people make on their first dates.

1. Show up late

Nobody likes it when you keep them waiting. Young, hard-working people like your date are especially no exception. Being on a date means that a busy, hard-working professional has given up their time to be with you. They could have as well been watching Netflix or partying with friends. I mean, they could actually be doing anything else for the magic of your company.

And don’t you dare use “African time” as an excuse! You have to respect other people’s time, especially that of your date. Showing up late could be misread as a total disregard for your date and could set the tone for a lifeless evening.

To prevent this, we recommend you leave your house a little earlier so you can beat any traffic jams. Dress smart, smell nice, show up early, and your “happily ever after” might be closer than you’d think.

2. Press phone throughout

You’re here to get to know someone and have a great time while you enjoy their company. This is someone who could be “the one”, and so those twitter memes can wait. The YouTube videos of dogs playing with cute babies can wait too. Your date deserves your full attention and even more.

Imagine talking with your date, and all they do is stare at their phones. While you are trying to get to know them, they hardly ever look at you but mumble “yea” and “uhu” from time to time. I belt that would suck for anyone, whether you or your date.

Don’t bore your date by staring at your phone. We recommend you try turning off your internet during your date. Maximize the short but special moment you have together as it just might be gone forever.

A man is text message while on a date with his girlfriend. The woman is clearly upset with her boyfriend.

3. Invite Friends

We cannot emphasize this enough: never bring a 3rd party on your date, especially on a first date. Only do so if your date is okay about it. I mean, is your date a joke to you? Let’s all be guided, please.

The purpose of your spending time together is to get to know each other. You both want to assess the possibility of exploring a future together, just the two of you. And why should you ruin that moment with a surprise guest? A date is like dancing the tango. And as the saying goes, it takes two to tango.

If you must come with someone on your date, courtesy demands that you inform your date beforehand. They should be aware, and okay with having a 3rd party around. Even so, it is best to avoid doing this altogether.

4. eat and drink EXCESSIVELY

First impressions matter a lot and they could be very fragile. You want to put your best foot forward on your first date. So chugging beer after beer, after 3 plates of rice, fish, and salad may not be such a great first impression. And especially if your date is covering the bills, this could send a negative message across.

Even when you are footing your own bills on the date, moderation is key here. Remember, you’re on a first date and trying to make a good first impression. We want you to go on a second date, a third and even more. Don’t ruin it because you could not control your appetite.

We recommend having a light snack before your date. That way you will not arrive hungry at your date, that you feel the need to eat your own body weight at the table.

5. Be pushy

You’re excited, we know. I mean, she’s perfect. He smells good. She laughs at your jokes. He watches Korean series. You can already smell the jollof rice at your wedding as Tunde from Styl Plus is singing at the reception. It’s beautiful.

But please, there are steps to take before you can realize this dream. Don’t be pushy. Don’t immediately start telling her you’re her future husband. Don’t start asking him, ‘so where are we going with this? Calm down, it’s only the first date.

Allow the love to germinate, grow and blossom. Again, body language and non-verbal cues will tell you if the other person is also feeling the same way. If they are, then a true love story is about to begin.

So there you have it, the 5 mistakes that people make on a first date. First dates are a great score, but a second date is a goal. You are more likely to land a second date when you avoid these first date mistakes that people make.

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