After a series of beta runs yesterday, Friday, 27th March, we threw the doors open to Datespace Virtual Group Hangout aka DatespaceVGH! Man! It was loads of fun!

You’re Going To Jail.

It kicked off with E asking J, if you were in a job position with very important top-secret info would you release info to those around you to protect them? 

J said, if his mom whom he loves to hell and back was one of those people around him he would tell her.

T assured him he was going to jail and when the entire group burst into laughter, we knew we were well off to painting that virtual town red.

Photo via Pexels by Suzy Hazelwood

Love Is Sweet But…

O asked A, would you rather have true love or win the lottery?

A asked her, how much is the lottery money?

J said O is a very wise man, his head is correct.

The entire house went up in gags!

We told O he should tell us his price.

He thought for about ten seconds and said, “500 MILLION DOLLARS”

No one saw that coming! Everyone went up in stitches.

We asked O, would he take $400M?

O said he wouldn’t take $495M.

He said, “I would take the money and then hold auditions for someone who would love me  forever, because there’s this line by a very wise man, he goes by the name, David Adeleke, he says, ‘Love is sweet but when money enters, love is sweeter.’ Those are wise words by a wise man and I live by them.”

T said, “A, what you should have asked is, is your true love Dangote’s daughter? Is your true love Bill Gates’ daughter? Because you have to provide context.” 

The laughter that erupted did not have part two!

There’s a part two to DatespaceVGH though, it’s coming up tomorrow, Sunday by 8PM.

Want in?

Sign up here for DatespaceVGH and be sure to recommend 3 of your friends so you can get bumped to the top of the invitation list! We’ll be in your inbox at some point soon.


to shared connections & lots of laughter!

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